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The BK Experience

This page is to give you an idea of the whole community theatre process.  We think over the last 26 years, we have the best way to do an educationa/community theater experience.  If you are a first timer or if you've done this a bunch and want to know why we are so willing to brag, read on.  

From start to finish, your Broadway Kidz experience should be fun and as convenient as we can make it while creating something wonderful.

Start by registering. The most important part of the registration, besides the usual contact information is to accurately mark the weeks which you will not be available. BK is designed to accommodate family vacations, youth camps, etc. The show is divided into rehearsal sections that rehearse each week of the summer. You will only be cast in pieces of the show you indicate you will be available for.



Audition. The audition is more of an ice-breaker to "get to know you" experience. We will teach each group a dance that is designed for the particular age group. Little kids will have fun playing with movement. Boys will get more athletic movement while older girls may get a chance to show off their dance training if they have it, or just show us your personalities and your sense of rhythm. I firmly believe everybody can dance with the right instruction so you can't really botch this audition. We are just looking to see in which numbers I will place you...and have a lot of fun in the process.


Next we will hear each of you sing and tell a joke. Again, we beileve all kids can do this stuff. We're just assessing your level and getting to know you so we can place you in the correct roles. We aren't looking to cut you from the program, we are looking to see the best parts for you. We have hundreds of roles planned and we might create something special just for your unique talent.


You can sing with a minus track (a blue tooth speaker will be provided for you to connect to. You can sing A'capella or with your own instrument. All we ask is you don't sing with the recording of a vocalist. We want to hear you, not Taylor Swift. 

See this page if you would prefer to audition online.


Cast Meeting. We always feel like Broadway Kidz is a bit like an extended family and this is the first phase of getting to know each other. You will discover some people are first timers and some have been doing it for years. We will explain thoroughly how to read the rehearsal schedule and explain the philosophy and process. While the parents are learning the ropes, the kids are learning their very first song. They may perform it, rough as it is, before you leave.


Pay Participation Fee. We often collect fees at the first meeting as well. We ask everybody to either pay or make arrangements to pay at that time. We want everyone to be able to participate regardless of your financial situation. So let us know and we can work with you.


Rehearsal Schedule. Your kid will be cast in around 3 to 4 numbers. Older kids will get more, while the youngest group maybe not so much. It can be a complicated list, but you can search for your child's name and then you will see on the calendar exactly when that role is called to rehearsal.


We take great pains to make sure that kids are always active and rehearsing whenever they are called and not just sitting around. Every number is performed by a unique combination of kids. Sometimes they are all of the same age and gender, but more often it is a mix of little kids and big kids. For this reason, it is not a once a week class but a variable schedule unique to each child. It is less convenient than programs that meet the same time each week, but it is so worth it in the final result.

Volunteer opportunities. As the cost is so low, we do not have paid staff to help. But that just makes BK more of a family affair. Early in the rehearsal process, we will give have a costume and prop meeting for parent volunteers. If you are a creative person you may get some free reign on some crafting, painting, modifying or sewing costumes. If that sounds overwheleming we can give you step by step instructions of how to do things and point you to some of the most unique DIY tutorials. If that's not your thing, you can also help with backstage supervision. Our volunteer coordinator will help you with that and help get you comp tickets as a thank you for helping.


Dress Rehearsals and Perfomances. As it gets closer to the performance rehearsals will get more frequent. But still we are dedicated to make sure that there is no wasted time. Every number will be ready before we start rehearsing them in large groups. But, of course the downtime is important for the social aspect of this experience as well. We make sure the littles aren't out too late as well.


We often prepare a potluck before each dress rehearsal and show so you aren't running for fast food each day. You can just bring something to share.


You will be able to order tickets online or at the door. We encourage you to spread the word to family and friends. Most audience members come out of obligation to the kids they know in the cast and leave amazed at how entertained they were by the performance.

Cast Party: BK cast parties are intensely fun and held anywhere from a day or two to a week after the show is over. But that doesn't stop you from partying together after the shows. The social experience is great for the parents as well.


If this sounds like something that interests you, please join us and register today.

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