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Audition Instructions

Step 1:

Bring a song and a joke.

  • The song can be any song that shows off your voice.  

  • You may bring a minus track or sing it acapella.

  • You can prepare any joke or very short story or monologue that shows your personality and your speaking voice.  

  • Do not get stressed.  We are rooting for you success.  We just need to know which parts to give you.  

Step 2:

Fill out this form. 

Step 3: 

In person auditions are over for this year.  However, we are accepting video auditions through June 4, 2004.

Please record yourself singing your song and telling your joke.  If you have some dance or tumbling moves you would like to show us (since dance auditions are over) you may include that as well, but I believe I can teach any one to dance, so it's OK.  

You may email your video to


use this Flipgrid:



send a link to a youtube video. **

**If you use a video link, it's probably best to record and post it before step 2 so you can include the link on your audition form.  We recommend posting videos in unlisted mode.  We will not share your video, but if you post it in regular mode it will be searchable and viewable by anyone.

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