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And now for something completely different...


What do Benjamin Franklin (singing the Electric Slide,) Paul Bunyan (singing Big Time), Babe Ruth, Elvis (in a UFO of course), Sasquatch and Superman have in common?  All American heroes and legends.  In the contention of an election year, 2024's Broadway Kidz will remind us of the culture, lore and values we all share.  


With it's quirky humor and awesome score drawing from the last 60 years of popular music and show tunes this show will be sure to delight Americans of all ages! 

pngegg (2).png

Written by 

Kevin McClellan


Directed and Choreographed by 

Liz Edmiston and Kevin McClellan


Vocal Direction

Liz Edmiston



Jennifer McClellan

Act 1

Scene 1
Special Relativity Middle School and Marty's Home
Stressed Out

Tyler Joseph

Scene 2
The Space Time Continuum

A Hazy Shade of Winter
 Paul Simon

Scene 3
10,000 B.C.
Burnin Down the House

David Byrne

Scene 4
The First Olympics
Ain't No Stopping Us Now

McFadden & Whitehead

Scene 5
On the Way to The Golden Spike Ceremony
Crazy Train 

By Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, and Bob Daisley

Scene 6
The Trojan War
She’s  Not There  

Rod Argent

Scene 7
The First Thanksgiving 
All Good Gifts

Stephen Schwartz

Scene  8
Various  locations in the invention of communication
Headed for the Future

Neil Diamond

Scene  9
Various Locations
Back in Time

Johnny Colla, Huey Lewis, Christopher Hayes, Sean Hopper

Scene 10

Something to Believe In
Will Anderson


Act 2

Scene 1
The  Globe Theater

Comedy Tonight

Stephen Sondheim

Stevie Wonder

Ceelo Green

They Don’t Know
Kirsty MacColl

Could it be Magic
Adrienne Anderson and Barry Manilow

Scene 2
Special Relativity High School

Sisters are Doin' it for Themselves
Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart

Never Gonna Give You Up
Rick Astley

What I Never Knew I  Always Wanted
Carrie Underwood,  Brett James and Hillary Lindsey
Scene 3
The Future and the Battle of Yorktown


Matt Bellamy

21 Guns
Billie Joe Armstrong,Mike DirntTré, Cool, David Bowie and John Phillips

A Thousand Years
Christina Perri and David Hodges 

You Carried Me With You

Brandi Carlile, Phil and Tim Hanseroth


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(in order of appearance)

Melissa McClellan

Kim Ostler

Avery McClellan

Mr. Flake
Garratt Beesley III

Modern Day Students
Knox Costello, Kelsey Hawkins, Marissa Johns, William Johns, Evan Wald, Chaudon Brock Beesley, Jocelyn Brighton, Leah Spencer, Shaine Stamper

Not So Smart Kid
Brennan Daw

Haden Opheikens

Lincoln Nelson

Kiplan Green

Time Goddesses
Gracie Lund, Brynlee Trout, Daria Wald

Wormhole Dancers
Audrey Stoker, Presley Wardle, Violet Wardle,
Sayler Wardle, Felicity Hawkins, Meili Sohm, Keira Ricord, Andrew McClellan, Garratt Beesely III

Cave Child
Connor Smart

Cave Kids
Drew Horton, McKinlie Maxwell, Juliet Horton

Cave Kids Ensemble
Faith Brighton, Audrey Stoker, Logan Hawkins, Oscar Jeppson, Athena Smart, Lindy Stoker, Spencer McClellan, Felicity Hawkins, Gracie Lund, Aveia Smart, Melissa McClellan, LJ Stamper, Chaudon Brock Beesley

Greek Citizens
Presley Wardle, Alice McCune, Violet Wardle, Sayler Wardle, Ryder Farris, Kimball Brighton, Ellie Mann, Kate Green, Logan Wald, Knox Costello, Daria Wald

Olympic Athletes
Ridge Farris, Logan Hawkins, Oscar Jeppson, Joshua Wald

Tough Wrestler
William Johns

Olympic Official
Alice McCune

Train Passengers
Marissa Johns, Aundrea Nielsen, Tyanna Ward
Harper Opheikens, Taliyah Ward, Amara Dickson, Kinley Green,
Madison Nelson, Logan Hawkins, Oscar Jeppson, McKinlie Maxwell, Reagan Nelson, Jefferson Nelson, Lincoln Nelson, Faith Brighton

Evan Wald

Logan Wald

Greek Soldiers
Ryder Farris, Joshua Wald, Kimball Brighton, Spencer McClellan, Knox Costello, Kelsey Hawkins, Jocelyn Brighton, Leah Spencer, Elise Daw, Daria Wald,
William Johns, Shaine Stamper, Brock Beesley, Brennan Daw, Jace Brown

Little Kid Greek Soldier
Connor Smart

Mrs. Guttenberg
Kate Green

Johannes Guttenberg

Rennaissance Kids
Faith Brighton, Cleo Nielsen, McKinlie Maxwell, Tyanna Ward, Juliet Horton, Ellie Mann, Meili Sohm, Keira Ricord, Ellie Lund, Brynlee Trout

Pony Express Riders
Porter Tomsich, Connor Smart, Logan Hawkins, Oscar Jeppson

Kids of the West
Harper Opheikens, Kinley Green, Madison Nelson
Reagan Nelson, Aundrea Nielsen, Marissa Johns, Melissa McClellan

Samuel Morse 
Spencer McClellan

Dots and Dashes
Jenni Dickson, Emmalie Maxwell, Megan Wald, Ridge Farris

Ray Tomlinson
Kimball Brighton

Computer Lady
Kelsey Hawkins

Computer Nerds
Jocelyn Brighton, Leah Spencer, Brynlee Trout, Kate Allen, Daria Wald, Emily Tomsich

William Bradford 
Jefferson Nelson

Little Pilgrim
Brighton Hendricks

Amara Dickson, Cleo Nielsen, McClellan Melissa, Ridge Farris, Drew Horton, Kate Green, Rory Nielsen, Logan Wald, Knox Costello, Kelsey Hawkins, Marissa Johns, Evan Wald, Andrew McClellan

Pilgrim Mom 
Daria Wald

Time Keepers
Meili Sohm, Jocelyn Brighton, Leah Spencer, Elise Daw

Egyptian Sculptor
Taliyah Ward

Young Egyptian 
Ridge Farris

Brynnlie Maxwell, Jenni Dickson, Brighton Hendricks, Emmalie Maxwell, Megan Wald

Suffragette's Child
Faith Brighton

Thomas Edison
Drew Horton

LJ Stamper

Drew Horton, Ryder Farris, Joshua Wald, Spencer McClellan, Logan Wald,Luke Opheikens, Shaine Stamper, Evan Wald, Brennan Daw, Porter Tomsich, Jefferson Nelson

Madison Nelson, Alice McCune, Violet Wardle, Sayler Wardle, Athena Smart, Lindy Stoker, Juliet Horton, Ellie Mann, Rory Nielsen, Kennedy Nelson

King’s Girls 
McKinlie Maxwell, Tyanna Ward, Violet Wardle, Sayler Wardle
Reagan Nelson, Athena Smart, Lindy Stoker, Felicity Hawkins

William Shakespeare 
Luke Opheikens

Rory Nielsen, Kelsey Hawkins, Brynlee Trout

Knox Costello

Grave Diggers 
Kennedy Nelson, Elise Daw

Grace Lund

Lindy Stoker

Friar Lawrence
Oscar Jeppson

Jace Brown

Joshua Wald

Ryder Farris

Aundrea Nielsen

Andrew McClellan

Brynnlie Maxwell, Harper Opheikens, Audrey Stoker, Brighton Hendricks, Emmalie Maxwell, Megan Wald, Taliyah Ward, Presley Wardle, Amara Dickson, Kinley Green
Cleo Nielsen, Melissa McClellan, Madison Nelson

Principal Flake
Ellie Lund

LJ Stamper

Gracie Lund

Aveia Smart

Girl's Glee Club 
Emily Tomsich, Ellie Mann, Keira Ricord, Kate Green, Rory Nielsen, Kelsey Hawkins, Kennedy Nelson, Aundrea Nielsen, 

Matt’s Friends
Andrew Mcclellan, Connor Harward, Garratt Beesley III, Chaudon Beesley

Future Kids 
Ellie Mann, Meili Sohm, Keira Ricord 
Alice McCune, Reagan Nelson, Athena Smart, Kimball Brighton, Spencer McClellan, Felicity Hawkins, Juliet Horton, Kate Green, Luke Opheikens
Elise Daw, Marissa Johns, Kennedy Nelson, Brynlee Trout, 

Future Cops
Jefferson Nelson, Garratt Beesley III

Evan Wald, Britton Beesley, Jefferson Nelson, Brock Beesley,
Shaine Stamper, Andrew McClellan, Brennan Daw, Lincoln Nelson, Connor Harward, Garratt Beesley III, William Johns

Soldier Families
Brynnlie Maxwell, Jenni Dickson, Amara Dickson,
Reagan Nelson, Aveia Smart, LJ Stamper, Marissa Johns

Time Guardian
Connor Harward


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