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A Brief History


Broadway Kidz was included as part of the regular season at Draper Historic Theatre.  It was the often the most successful show of the year. 


Broadway Kidz was sponsored by Draper Arts Council.  It was performed most years in the beautiful Draper Amphitheater


Broadway Kidz became their own company and performed on the BK stage behind Draper Park Middle School.    



Heroes and Legends, a tribute to American History, back with Draper Arts Council on the Summit Academy Stage.


Took a year off for director Kevin McClellan's son's wedding and an emergency kitchen remodel.

2017 - 2019

Returned to Draper Arts Council and the Draper Amphitheater for some of the best installments yet.  


No performances due to Covid 19 Pandemic.


Looking for new partners and venue.

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