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Participation Fee: $85.
Second Child in the same household: $70
Additional children in the same household: $50

Participation fee covers world class training, performance venue (what dance studios call "recital fees" and costume pieces that would not be part of a child's regular wardrobe.  


Tickets $9 for adults, $7 for children 15 and under.  


Broadway Kidz is not a tuition based program.  The training offered is similar to programs that cost over $500 for just a few weeks, but still allows kids to have the experience of being stars in ther show.  Our goal has been to keep participation fees low and put on a show good enough to charge tickets so that the cost of children's training is distributed to their friends and families who support them.  And those people get a great show in return.  

Jennifer and Kevin McClellan, with six kids of their own, want this program to be accessible to everyone including large families and folks with art in their blood regardless of the coins in their pockets.  Participation fee is minimal and scaled for siblings.  We also offer comp tickets for volunteer work.  Please let us know if you have questions:

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