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Who performs in Broadway Kidz?
Over the last 24 years, Broadway Kidz cast members have gone on to careers in film and stages all over the world, recording artists, successful theater teachers, and even parents and directors of other Broadway Kidz.   Some just develop more confidence. 
Recently I was lucky to have Broadway director Jeff Whiting give a master class and audition students for his Open Jar Institute.  As I talked with his associate director Tanner DeWaal, we realized that he was in Broadway Kidz when he was 10 years old.  He said that he discovered that Broadway Kidz was a common experience for many of his lifelong friends in the theater community.   


Is it just for children?
No.  A key to the success of BK is that it has been exciting and challenging roles for older teens as well.  A big kid-little kid mix is key to the BK aesthetic. 

How is it different from other Children’s Theater Shows?  

Unlike most stories that are about a few characters and thus ideal for professional shows where fewer actors is a lower budget.  Instead the stories are about groups of characters so that there are many more leads, solos and ensemble than in any traditional play or musical. 


How many people do you cast?

It depends on the space of the venue and the number of kids who audition.  But the idea  is to allow as  many youth to participate as possible.  And each of them have a unique role, an all-eyes-on-me moment.  

Do I have to be at all rehearsals?

No.  We make very clear schedules so that you will know exactly when you need to be there.  We call people to rehearsals and never leave them sitting around waiting for their turns. 


What if I have a family vacation or summer camp during the summer?

Usually, not a problem.  The schedule is divided for a different segment of the show to receive the bulk of its rehearsal in one week.  If you will be gone in that week, we won’t have you in that section.  That’s why it’s important that you be very clear about your schedule conflicts when you audition. 

What if I have one weekly conflict like voice or piano lessons?

Also, usually that's OK.  We do our best to schedule around such things.  You will need 

Why do I have to audition?

Auditions are helpful to help us know exactly which roles you will play and which numbers you will be in.  Don’t be nervous.  Preparing for an audition is part of the experiences that help you to become a great performer. 

What are you looking for in the audition? 

We are looking to see what your strengths are so that we can know what you will do very best.  We need to see how you move, how loudly and clearly you speak and what type of singing voice you have.  Use the audition to let us know who you are.  That will help us decide which pieces of the show you will be in. 

Should I do it?

Yes.  You will have a great time.


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